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Create Ideas To Film Your Low Budget Latin Music Video In NYC

If you're living in New York City, and you are involved in producing music videos, then you understand the importance of location scouting. It's super important that you choose beautiful locations that will make the video come to life. This is especially true if you are on a budget and don't have the money to rent out a big studio and set design. If you're a low budget film producer, then you have to know how to stretch money and make the most out of public spaces and low-cost alternatives to expensive studio space. The cool thing about filming in New York is that there are so many low-cost opportunities to film a Latin music video. And it won't make your video look low budget, in fact, it will add authenticity to the video. If you were to look at the Latin billboard charts, you would see that many of the biggest selling videos feature local restaurants, bars, and neighborhoods. So, here are some ideas to take a look at:

Local Bronx And Inwood Streets: Bodegas and Parks

One of the best ways to get color into your video is to hit the neighborhoods that the people who watch your videos live in. Fans of music videos want to see either one of two things: lavish lifestyle, or their own neighborhoods. If you can't afford to rent out Yachts and film in luxury settings, then the best bet is to go to the local neighborhoods where the singers came from and where the fan base still lives. If you're filming a Latin music video, you should be looking to film in The Bronx or in Inwood. The Bronx is home to the cities largest Puerto Rican population, so you can hit areas like Kingsbridge and University Heights and highlight the bodegas and local parks. If your music video features a more Dominican style of Latin music, then you should look to film in Inwood. This area is in northern Manhattan and is home to the areas largest Dominican community. You can roll footage on Dykeman (the main street and home to lots of nightclubs, Latin cafes, and cigar shops) and use this as background footage.

Local People As Extras

It's also a great idea to consider sourcing talent from local residents. This technique has been seen in all sorts of music videos (even mainstream hip-hop artists such as Jay Z use real people casting agencies) so you could do the same and it won't look low budget. The real people ad authenticity to your music video, which is one of the most important things when dealing with the Latin music fanbase. You can even hold a special night at a local Latin club, have your artist perform, and shoot footage of the crowd to include into the music video.

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