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Tips For Using Plastic Strip Screens For A Bachelorette Party Photo Shoot

Bachelorette parties are the little-engine-that-could of pre-wedding festivities. Historically, a bachelor party was held for men, but ladies didn't get the privilege of a wild party. That's changed in recent decades.

Bachelorette parties are quickly and surely becoming a recognized party of any bride's pre-wedding plans. If you want to enhance your bachelorette party with a fun-spirited, flirty photoshoot with your friends, consider these tips for adding plastic strip screens to enhance the fun ambiance.

Get Humorous with a Peek-A-Boo Shot

Arrange a cheesy but fun photo where all the girlfriends in the bachelorette party are peeking their heads around the two sides of the plastic strip screen. Try to make sure there's an equal number of each side. The bride may stand out in front of the screen, with all the members of the bridal party looking in her direction.

The bride may be encouraged to make a surprised expression. Alternately, let the moment play itself out after posing the friends. You may capture some great improvised shots.

Have the Bride Try On Lingerie Gifts

Lingerie is a common gift for bachelorette parties and bridal showers. One fun thing you may try is doing a "fashion show" of the lingerie that the bride has been gifted. If the bride has also received gag gifts for the wedding night, feel free to add those gifts as funny props for the fashion show. 

When staging the lingerie fashion show, have the bride come out from behind the plastic strip screen for each shot. She may also pose where she is sticking only an arm or leg out from behind the screen to display the lingerie. The bride has to really be on board with this sort of shoot for it to be a success, so make sure she's enthusiastic about it. 

Invite the Groom for Some of the Pics

Although the bachelorette party itself is traditionally for friends only, invite the groom for some photos before sending him on his way. You can get some really cute photographs of the engaged couple around the plastic strip screen. You may have the bride try on her dress and stick out her leg with the garter that the groom will later toss. Sweet, flirty, and slightly naughty photos may be inspired by the presence of the strip screen. Plan some shots, then let the two improvise.

Finally, keep in mind that the photo shoot is likely to go well if all the celebrants are enjoying themselves. The bachelorette party photoshoot is meant to capture the spirit of fun, friendship, and wildness that a bride experiences at this kind of celebration. Plastic strip screens can make a big statement about getting a little wild at the party without being tacky or in-your-face about it. It will leave a lot to the imagination when people view the photos.